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It was you who gave us the idea to open this restaurant, do you remember?

We first met on the beach somewhere near San Diego. You were drinking Tequila that day and told us how you had come to the U.S., the country of your childhood dreams. America - melting pot of so many different races and civilizations. You used to be fascinated by the fact that black, white and yellow people can live together in comparative harmony and mutual respect although the come from a totally different background and often don’t even speak the same language. You used to wonder how that was possible.

During your travels across the continent you studied the people’s way of life and the way they did their cooking. And suddenly it appeared to you that you had found the solution for you questions: Their overall common language was cooking, be it Italian, Mexican, Chinese or what else. The American kitchen is cosmopolitan, with much inspiration and prepared to make new experiences, learn and joyfully accept new tastes. And you had begun to feel like an American yourself. You loved the open and unprejudiced way with which they met strangers and made friends easily, an experience you had made at no other place in the world you ever had been to.

And you told us that meanwhile you could not imagine to live anywhere else but in “your” America.

On that special day on the beach near San Diego we drank Tequila with you and listened to you, and then and there a dream was born: We would open a restaurant of our own, the start of an unlimited way of thinking, cooking and living. Thanks for having given us this idea!


P.S. Wherever you happen to be right now, Sparky, we look forward to see you as soon as possible!

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